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About the department

The department provides courses of English (which prevail),German,Russian and Spanish for all levels from pre-intermediate to advanced at the FEEC and FIT. The courses include teaching of technical language focused on electrical engineering and computer science.

info: studium cizích jazyků - krok do Evropy

Besides the basic courses the department offers specialized courses oriented to individual skills such as Effective Reading Skills, Professional English, English for Europe, Business English, German for Europe, and Professional German. In all these courses undergraduate and postgraduate students are prepared for study stays or work abroad, or for the state language examinations including the Cambridge First Certificate examinations which are internationally recognised.

Study programmes are based on original textbooks,audio and video courses. For the specific needs of individual courses teaching and testing materials have been written by the teachers of the department.

Since the school year 1997/98 the department has been offering paid courses for students-beginners in English.


The Department of Foreign Languages was established at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an independent department in 1990 after the division of the previous Department of Foreign Languages serving the whole university.

In 2004 the Education and Economics Section became a part of the department. This section offers general courses in social sciences, particularly education, psychology, and economics. Skills and knowledge gained in these subjects are a useful part of the qualification of both bachelor and master students in engineering study programmes.

During these previous years we have changed our language teaching curriculum twice so that we could adapt to quickly developing conditions and demands in language teaching curriculum and its methods. We constantly analyse our students´ needs and coordinate our teaching system with the faculty regulations.


The Department of Foreign Languages is located in the same building as the Dean´s office, on the second floor at Technická 3058/10, 616 00 Brno. Some other classrooms and the German section are located on the ground floor of the same building.


Teaching and research laboratories

  • multimedia language classrooms
  • self-learning and language training, computer assisted language learning
  • self-access centre - a language study

Special instrumentation and computers

  • computers with language software, multimedia presentation equipment





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